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We must regard it as one great workshop for the production of cutlery and edge-tools – a huge factory which scatters its separate departments in different parts of the town, but still retains them all, like so many links in a chain.
— The Penny Magazine, 1944

In the 19th century, the city of Sheffield was referred to as 'one great workshop'. The network of factories shaped the physical, social and economic landscape of the city. Today Sheffield is still home to making at a range of scales. The past, present and future of Sheffield's industries large and small are tied to changing relations with energy in the workplace.

The Future Works strand of the Arts and Humanities Research Council (AHRC) Stories of Change research project seeks to uncover accounts of the relationship between energy and industry in South Yorkshire and the Derwent Valley region. This is an area that has good claim to being the hearth of industrial manufacturing. Our interest is in the stories of past, present and future energy system changes in relation to industry.

The AHRC Connected Communities Festival supported co-production and wider engagement between communities and researchers, and took place between June 15th – 29th, 2015 at locations across the UK.

Explore the works

  • Workshop Scenario Workshop to investigate energy and manufacturing with Sheffield University Technical College
  • Photobooth Visual exploration of young people's questions about energy
  • Live Project Architecture students collaborate with makers to explore energy past present and future at Portland Works
  • Exhibition Architecture students investigate factories and energy across Sheffield and the Derwent Valley region
  • Walk Industry and Energy Walk through the Cultural Industries Quarter
  • Talks Artists, researchers and makers talk about energy and industry