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The Future Works story is linked with Sheffield School of Architecture Master in Architectural Design and MArch Design Studio, which runs over two consecutive years from September 2014- September 2016. In the context of UK cross-party commitments to the reduction of carbon emissions by 2050 that promise to have huge impacts on industry and the built environment, the studio explores changing relations with energy in the workplace and the role of architecture and design in these transformations.

Through mapping, storytelling, scenarios and documentary making the students developed an understanding of the complex set of interactions across a number of factory sites in the region, including the 'first factory'- the Silk Mill in Derby, now hosting a Hack Space and a Fab Lab, a 'present factory' – John Smedley Ltd at Lea Mills, and the 'future factories' – Gripple and the Advanced Manufacturing Research Centre (AMRC) with Boeing. Interventions in the different factory sites range across temporal and spatial scales and relate to international and regional contexts.

The students worked closely with the multi disciplinary Stories of Change team and communities of employers, employees and volunteers at the different factory sites.

A selection of the studio work produced in the first year was exhibited at Bloc Projects over the AHRC Connected Communities festival fortnight as part of Sheffield Design Week.