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AMRC 2050: The Distributed Factory at Waverley

Yuxuan Tan

The development of my scenario is based on two main sectors. At first, various researches were carried out to analyse the feasibility of wide use of 3-D printing, and I tried to establish a small-scale manufacturing method from the pre-stage study. Following that, in terms of specific buildings, I also considered how they would respond to the climate change in the future, so as a self-supporting community which was designed not only for the new manufacturing method but also to shoulder the responsibility to protect our environment.

The Automation Integration Centre

Alexander Farr
47% of all jobs are at risk of automation by 2030.

Sited in an on-going residential Masterplan, this project critically reacts to the Advanced Manufacturing Research Centre and Enterprise Zones as a policy. To avoid a repeat of the luddite destruction of machinery born of fear, the automation integration centre proposes a new factory model; one based on integration, education, and enabling the public. Drawing influences from theatre and community centre, the proposal reimagines the factory floor as a customisable space for start up incubation and hands-on workshops and training.

AMRC Factory 2050

Jade Owens

In response to the studios manufacturing context, this project works in conjunction with the Advanced Manufacturing Research Centre in Catcliffe, Rotherham and the Building Research Establishment to create a factory of the future, specialising in the production of prefabricated homes, and the testing and implementation of advanced prototype technologies such as carbon fibre for structural purposes.

The prefabricated homes for workers of the immediate site, showcase the specialisms and research developments at the AMRC whilst also inferring a connection to the political heritage of the former Orgreave colliery site.

Gripple 2050

Juste Paulauskaite

The proposed factory building is intended to add onto 3 already existing Gripple buildings as company is planning to expand and double in size. The new factory is intended to be a model for an environmentally responsible factory. It was also designed to bring more social functions too. Rather than being a closed building only for a private use, the semi-opened building allows outside visitors to enjoy a vibrant experience of a manufacturing factory.

The new Gripple; SIMPLE LIMITED 2050


With the development of production, Gripple desperately need an expansion. I'm thinking what will be the role of the new Gripple -- SIMPLE LIMITED 2050.

Due to my analysis, I believe the new Gripple will mean not only the improvement in productivity but more communication between workers, more interactivity with the public and a more active part in the whole community.

In the future, I believe the new Gripple will be a revolution to both manufacturing and the community.

Stories of Change at Gripple

Ke Zhang
The next week

Thinking of the climate, which changes rapidly these days… the glass on the windows would be frozen due to heating inside meeting the frosty air outside.

The next year

A footpath is set up between the Gripple and Loadhog sites, taking full advantage of the Five Weirs walk along the riverside. The company encourages their workers to go by foot and the path is redesign to associate the two workshops closely. The silent industry along the river is replaced by living public space and various facilities. The area can be more natural and friendly…

Five years

By 2020 the imagination has started from the global warming and climate change. It is possible that the company is using lots of air conditioning to cope with the increased temperatures. The wall is covered with machines.

Ten years

As Gripple develops and the building is no longer responding to the climate the original site is transformed into a museum and art centre. The interesting machines from each period of the industrial history will be set everywhere and the symbol of Gripple's creativity, their space hoppers are hung under the beams as it usually was in the past.

Gripple 2050: Air Wind Generator

Yuan Chen

Wind power, which is predicted to supply 25% of the global electricity by 2050, will be the main clue in my project. In my scenario for 2050, the Gripple will become a museum, and its manufacturing shop will be transferred to a new base. Its energy will be supplied by a new kind of energy system – Air Wind Generator System. With the help of the scenario, my project's concept is developed. The original Gripple is preserved to become a workshop and a museum. And a newly-built museum is connected directly to the original buildings to exhibit the development history of the air wind generator system.

Gripple 2050: Space Elevators

John Dongwon Jeong

The chosen site and the company is located in heart of Sheffield steel industrial area, Gripple Ltd. Wire joiners and tensioners and wire rope suspension solution is the main products of the company. Since 1986 the Gripple is now the second largest steel wire manufacturer in the world. Growing of company's size and the newly started division will require new facility that can have workflow between existing factories also big testing site to expand their operations. The proposal deals with expanding Gripple's in-house research and development department, also future program or scenario that can be look forward into the future of the Gripple.