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University Technical College Sheffield

On 17th June 2014 nine students and one tutor from Sheffield's University Technical College, one editor of Now Then Magazine and two work placement students from King Edwards School joined photographer Tim Mitchell to take part in the Cloud Question Photobooth. The aim was to widen and deepen the conversation about energy.

Taking the form of an ever-evolving portable photo studio or booth, participants in the project are prompted to ask a question about energy and to have their portrait taken with that question. The intention is that the growing collection of portraits will show who has been involved in the project, what they were thinking, and for the questions to then create debateā€¦

Those taking part participate in and learn about the art and science of photography, and help one another to think visually and to devise questions.

Devised between Artist/Curator, Clare Patey, Stories of Change Project Leader, Joe Smith and photographer Tim Mitchell; the Cloud Question Photobooth has been created to give people's questions about energy a visual presence in the Stories of Change project.